About WePlenish

We’re a team of coffee-fueled tech and e-commerce experts who are building a more automated world through IoT and Smart Containers.

Our mission is to save you time and effort by automating the repetitive re-ordering of your consumable products.  This frees you up to spend time on more important things, like friends, family and fun.

Automate Mundane Tasks

Remembering to re-order consumable products shouldn’t be a human task. We built Smart Containers that store, measure and automatically re-order consumables when supplies are low.

Provide Convenience

Love making that extra trip to the store when supplies run out? Neither do we. WePlenish’s network of suppliers deliver pantry essentials directly to your home and office – so you don’t run out.

Simplify and Beautify

We didn’t stop at automating an effortless supply of your favorite products. Our engineers fashioned modern designs that you’ll be proud to leave on your countertop.

Be There, Always

Ordering through WePlenish might be automated, but our service certainly isn’t! Got a technical question, want to learn more or just say Hi? We are here for you! Call, email or chat with us anytime.

Swan Story

Most Swan Songs are the final act, this is just the beginning.

WePlenish started as a personal necessity for myself. It wasn’t until later that I reached my AHA Moment.

I was presented with a unique choice when I bought my home. The previous owners told me I could keep the swans that lived on the property or I could bring them to an animal sanctuary. My first thought was, “what type of care do swans require?” After learning that all they needed was water from the pond in the backyard and food, I thought, given my family background in farming, “who better to care for them than us?”

It didn’t take long before these two swans became a big part of our family. Their personalities dubbed them the nicknames, Hiss and Puff for how they reacted when they were hangry.

To simplify things, I bought an off-the-shelf auto-feeder to make sure they were fed on time each day. This helped out with my schedule as I wasn’t always home in time to feed them. However, this created the issue of remembering to fill the feeder with more food. By automating the feeding process, it was no longer a habit for me to check on their food and see when I needed to buy more. I would end up running across town to buy the special food they ate and sometimes the store wasn’t even open and I, along with Hiss and Puff, would have to wait until the next day. If only the auto-feeder had sensors and could send me a text or email and remind me to buy more swan food when the supplies were low.

Then it dawned on me, my brother-in-law, Craig Rettew, is an electrical engineer that loves to tinker with gadgets. So, I called him up and filled him in on my predicament. He replied with a confident, “I can put sensors in anything!” But wait why have it email me? I could still forget to go to the store. What if we found ecommerce integration to auto reorder for me? As I walked into my house, I began to see things differently. This was my AHA Moment. I realized that virtually everything consumable in my home could be auto replenished. Imagine NEVER running out of dog food, cat food, even coffee and in turn, NEVER running out to the store!

That night I bought another off-the-shelf auto-feeder and sent it to Craig. While he created the measuring technology, I began working on the backend system that would communicate the swan food level and notify when to reorder more. This new process proved to not only save my time as a consumer, but the time of the supplier too.

A strong personal belief of mine, influenced by Elon Musk, is the concept of improving humanity and his philosophy of using automation to enhance life. The more we automate mundane tasks and responsibilities, the more time we have for our family, friends and community.

With automation, there is also less waste of our precious resources, less packaging for consumables and less waste in transportation. Our ultimate goal is a global effort to be more efficient and conservative with our wastes, by optimizing food chains with more smart containers and less waste. This is what we strive for every day at WePlenish.