WePlenish Java Smart Container

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Simplify life with WePlenish Java: the world’s first smart container integrated with Amazon Dash Replenishment that automatically reorders your favorite coffee pods and other pantry items when supplies run low, so you never run out. Smart sensors detect inventory levels and Wi-Fi automatically replenishs your must-haves to keep them in stock. Over time, it learns your habits, like favorite brands including Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Nespresso, Dunkin Donuts, KIND, and RXBAR, and recommends other items you’ll love.


Automatic Re-Ordering

AA Batteries Last 1+ Year

Easy Bulk Loading

Wi-Fi Automatically Reorders

Sleek and Portable

Safe & Secure

Built-in Sensors Measure Quantity

Replenishes K-Cup Pods, Espresso Capsules, and more…


Simple Setup

Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect the Smart Container to WiFi

Link a Consumable

Browse the In-App store for a consumable to automatically replenish

Go About Your Day

You’re done. Enjoy!

WiFi & Sensors

Measures contents with sensors, and using WiFi it automatically places replenishment orders.

Easy Bulk Loading

It takes no time at all to fill it up, simply load fresh supplies from the top and get on with your day.

Fifo Dispensing

A First-in First-out dispensing design ensures the best possible way to access your items and maintain optimal freshness.

Battery Operated

Battery powered, making it portable for use anywhere with a WiFi connection.