Save Time and Effort

The set-up is simple – just connect to Wi-Fi using the WePlenish app, select the pantry item you’d like to reorder and let WePlenish do the rest. WePlenish uses smart sensors to detect inventory levels in your smart container and springs to action when supplies are running low, using Wi-Fi to automatically replenish coffee pods and other pantry must-haves to keep them in stock. Over time, WePlenish learns your habits, favorite brands, and flavors, and recommends other items you’ll love.

Step 1

Connect the Smart Container to WiFi

This is how your Smart Container updates product levels.

Step 2

Link to a Compatible Consumable

Choose your favorite consumable to automatically replenish.

Step 2


Your Smart Container will automatically re-order consumables when supplies run low.

Step 2

Go about your day

Your order will arrive at your doorstep, so you Never Run Out.

When can you get one?

Get Yours Early on Kickstarter.

The WePlenish Java Smart Container is in the making. Click below to purchase your Java Smart Container for the exclusive $20 early-bird price.


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