Delivering a New Brand Experience

Next-Level Connections Between Brands & Consumers

We believe in empowering brands to form meaningful connections with their consumers in a world where technology reduces friction through elevated, personalized engagement between companies and customers.

Get Closer than Ever to Your Consumers

Customer Convenience & Value with Precision

We build devices for CPG brands looking to meet the demands of a surging Direct-to-Consumer channel with a proven model that provides solutions to the most crucial consumer needs of today and tomorrow.

Lower Prices

With evergreen discounts baked into auto replenishment, the consumer saves more than just time.

Convenience, Delivered

Shoppers are ditching the checkout lines. Adoption of online CPG shopping has consistently increased since 2018.

Superior Customer Service

Our platform preemptively handles customer service with digital communication, voice and agent support.

Better Product Design

We have put in thousands of hours planning, sketching, building and testing so you don't have to.

Replenishment Service

Auto reordering delights the consumer with tailored convenience, creating a happy, loyal brand patron.

Sustainable Practices

Precision replenishment at scale reduces global environmental impact, highlighting brands’  commitment to sustainability.

What Consumers Want

A Scalable D2C Gameplan

WePlenish has built a platform for CPG brands to rapidly enter the D2C auto replenishment space, facilitating enhanced brand engagement and recurring revenue in a repeatable and scalable manner.

Attract New Customers

Innovate with a visually appealing smart appliance that  delivers convenience, cost savings and personalized attention.

Amplify Brand Engagement

Leverage digital and voice branding to interact with consumers directly throughout the replenishment cycle.

Retain Consumers

Increase customer lifetime value with frictionless auto replenishment & membership perks that nurture brand loyalty.

Scale Globally

Reach global market scale with a mass production capable partner.

How CPG Brands Meet D2C Demand

Amazon Dash Replenishment & Alexa Acceleration Partner

higher reorder frequency with auto reordering devices
customer retention with Dash Replenishment devices
YoY growth in Dash Replenishment devices sold worldwide
Alexa-enabled devices purchased around the world
YoY growth in user engagement with Alexa skills

We Build Next-Level Replenishment Experiences

We help CPG brands launch Amazon Dash Replenishment through Alexa (DART) devices. Voice integrated devices allow brands to make their D2C channel a valuable part of an overarching loyalty strategy.

works with alexa d2c cpg reorderworks with alexa d2c cpg reorderworks with alexa d2c cpg reorder
Works with Alexa

Devices that are battery powered and work with existing Echo or other Alexa Built-In devices.

works with alexa d2c cpg reorder
Alexa Built-In

Devices that are AC powered, with integrated microphones and speakers, activated by a wake-word and have stand-alone Alexa capabilities.

The vision was to make shopping disappear… For customers, the best shopping experience for everyday items is one that doesn’t exist yet at all.

Daniel Rausch, vice president of Smart Home, Amazon

End-to-End Capabilities

WePlenish is the only shop with a laser-focused specialty in auto replenishment appliances with proven experience and the capacity to develop and manufacture devices at scale to go with unmatched quality and speed.

cpg d2c project ideation


Starting with the end in mind, we work with CPG partners to identify the best vessel profile to store, measure and replenish specific consumable goods. This includes behavior analysis like where the consumer will store the appliance and how they will interact with it in their daily routines.

cpg d2c prototyping


Using rapid product development tools, our engineers iterate through 3D printed prototypes, finding a balance between storage capacity, form factor, and electronics. CPG partner stakeholders provide initial feedback and begin to envision how their future device will look and feel.

cpg d2c pilot program


Getting a product into target users’ hands is crucial for determining commercial viability. Once a minimum viable prototype is selected, batches of functional prototypes are produced for a series of short pilot runs.

These pilots range in scope, incrementing from ~25 to hundreds of participants or more, providing valuable insights into user’s acceptance and experiences with the device “in the wild”.

cpg d2c vessel design

Industrial Design

Once the pilot runs show signs of market viability, the device is entered into a commercialization runway. This phase turns the rudimentary functional prototype into an aesthetic and visually appealing smart appliance.

Our industrial designers sketch and refine the prototype’s look and feel, and together with the CPG partner, we down-select a final form factor design from a number of visual concepts.

cpg d2c market strategy


As the product design and manufacturing continues, collaborative go-to-market strategy planning is set into motion by a task-force of members from the CPG brand’s marketing team, the channel partner's representatives (i.e., Amazon Dash/Alexa/Retail), and WePlenish's tech  advisory team.

This effort lasts through the completion of manufacturing and includes planning for marketing promotion and activation, branded digital and voice engagement, customer onboarding and retention communication, customer service flows, and more.

Design for Manufacturing

Taking the product from a functional prototype to commercial grade quality involves a process called design for manufacturing (DFM).

This is where we work with mechanical and tooling engineers in an effort that includes the simplification, optimization and refinement of the device design for ease of manufacturing and assembly, with an end goal of making a better product at a lower cost.

cpg d2c vessel manufacturing


Producing the devices at mass scale involves significant capabilities and a diversified supply chain. We partnered with a network of trusted world-class contract manufacturers, with manufacturing capacities in tooling, plastic injection, silicone rubber molding, PCB fabrication, component sourcing and assembly.

These partners have intimate experience working with our proprietary technology, with established facilities dispersed in Southeast Asia, Central America and the United States, allowing for a tiered scale-up of production.

cpg d2c post launch consultation

Preemptive Onboarding & Customer Retention

We built a customer onboarding and retention system  into our service so you don't have to. Our system is designed to nurture customer relationships from device adoption to evangelism.

POCR System Features:

  • You own the data
  • Tight feedback loop
  • Device learns and adapts to customer routines
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Provides customer assistance via phone and chat

Better, Faster, Stronger Project Acceleration

We standardized and platformed the device-development process, this allows us to take partners to market in unmatched quality and speed.

Identification of auto replenishment device

Month 1

R&D and creation of functional prototypes

Months 2-3

Commercial viability validation through short runs

Months 4-6

Appearance, Functionality & Manufacturability

Months 7-8

Prepare Go-to-Market Game Plan

Ongoing through manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing, Quality and Cost Optimization

Months 9-11

Mass Production, Assembly and Packaging

Months 12-13

Preemptive Onboarding & Customer Retention


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

chinese proverb

Planting D2C Seeds

Design and development through project partnership to get your devices to market

Growing D2C  Together

Commercialization of D2C devices and market-capture to grow CLTV

Nurturing D2C

Engaging with and retaining customers through digital engagement and voice

Let’s Grow Your D2C Together

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