Sell Through WePlenish

Sell Through WePlenish

An intelligent, IoT-driven platform that automatically reorders your brand’s products in more customers’ pantries and office breakrooms.

Next-Generation Recurring Orders Automation

Turnkey Frictionless Shopping System

Using Smart Containers, consumable-goods suppliers ensure customers never run out of their favorite products. This simple convenience adds value, fosters loyalty and drives greater customer lifetime value.

Dedicated Customer Service

WePlenish offers dedicated customer service with real human interaction for the Customer and Consumable Supplier. Whether it’s by phone, email, chat or in-App support, we are never more than a click away. Our proactive customer service is designed to ensure that all Smart Containers are powered, connected and ordering.

Seamless eCommerce Integration

The WePlenish System seamlessly integrates with all e-commerce, ERP and EDI Systems. We take care of Inventory, Order Synchronization and Payment Processing so that Consumable Suppliers can focus on fulfilling orders and providing premiere customer service.

Enhanced Analytics & Logistics

We take the guesswork out of knowing your shoppers’ exact replenishment needs, facilitating more efficient resource planning and leveraging just-in-time inventory. Early ordering also allows for extended shipping time which reduces the overall cost of today’s 2-day and next day shipping expectations.

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